Monday, May 3, 2010

So much, but so little!

I haven't abandoned this blog or all my readers! I feel like I say this in every blog lately, but I'm SO BUSY! I don't have time for anything! Anyway, I found more of J's clothes. Crazy! Good thing about this, I now have 2 sisters that are having babies. One is for sure having a boy, the other doesn't know the sex yet. I sent the clothes up to the younger of the two sisters. So soon I will be seeing one (or two) of my NEW nephews in J's clothes! I can't wait.

Lately I compare pics of J with pics of O. They look EXACTLY the same. I thought D and J looked alike, but the comparison with J and O is just unreal. They both have the same cawlick. The same eyes, nose, EVERYTHING. It's almost scary! I love it though. They could be twins! lol

Hope everyone is doing well and all my fellow baby lost mom's are healing and doing well! Do any of the other mama's have any rainbow babies on the way?? I know a couple of my friends do and it's SO amazing! I can't wait for them to be born. One of my friends is pregnant with TWINS! 2 lil' rainbow babies!!!

On my way to dream the best dreams of J...