Friday, February 26, 2010

My doctor is amazing

I feel like January and February just slipped right by! With so much going on around here I haven't had time for anything! I am coming up on 15 months since J left us and just past that 7 week mark that O joined us. I had my 6 week post-partum check up yesterday. I requested that my appt be with Dr.M. I love her. She's my favorite doc at the practice. She wasn't the doc who delivered J, but she was the doc who admitted me the day I went in to deliver him and she was a huge part of my pregnancy with O-also her delivering doctor. While I was pregnant, I seen her quite a bit (versus the other docs there). We always talked.. she would ask questions and I would answer. And I kid you not, EVERYTIME I seen her, we both got tears. I'm not sure why that happens with her? I normally don't get like that. Maybe it's because she asks questions that no one else asks? Or maybe I feel safe with her.. like I can cry and it's ok? She knows the pain I went through. Not through personal experience (that I know of), but just by seeing me and growing with me through it all. She's a doctor with a heart and I love that about her. She seems to care alot and put more than her "MD" into her appointment.

DH and I are done having children. We are both excited to be done and move on into new chapters. With that being said, I am so sad that I won't be going to the doctors office on a twice weekly basis anymore. I've had such a huge relationship with them since 2006. They were apart of the happiest days of my life as well as the saddest days of my life. Now it's like BOOM they are not gonna be a part of my life at all really! I'm having seperation anxiety or something. How crazy is that? I wonder if other baby loss mommies go through this? Maybe I need to try get a job there or something. Shoot, I think I've been around that place more than some of the employees.. lol

Life is calling me back to reality now. I will be back to blog more... and it won't take so long to get back and do it this time!!