Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Walk to Remember Our Son

Today was that walk that I spoke of before. It was called a "Walk To Remember", and it was great. Amazing actually. My husband couldn't go because of work, but I knew that already. A couple of my friends and their children came along. They are a great support system and I can always count on these two friends to be there when I need.. and vice versa. There were another couple of friends that I wanted there, but for some reason unknown to me, they didn't want to come. Whatever though, their perogative, right!? Some mention of it from them would have been nice, but again, whatever. The friends that did come are amazing and I really don't know what I would do without them some days.

Ok, ok, back to the walk! :o) We had a bit of trouble finding the place at first and I thought we were going to be late and possibly miss it, but we got there in time. Thank gosh! When we got there, there were quite a few other people there. I signed in, spoke to some of the staff, got information and wrote a note to our baby on the banner. They had t-shirts and these little necklace things.. they were really cute. Everything was free. I was ready to buy a few t-shirts, but it was donations only. So, of course I donated. At the begining of the walk, a few ppl spoke to us and one woman read a poem. I have it typed up down below. It was good. And a couple tears escaped. I wish my husband could have been there, he's the best person to wipe those escapee tears away!

Once the actual walking began, I was doing pretty good. Normally I walk really slow.. I guess cuz I waddle at this point in the pregnancy? lol Then DS decided to slip out the bottom of his stroller cuz he didn't want to be pushed anymore. He wanted to walk like a "big boy". Well, that slowed us right down to the back of the pack. And of course he had to fall to make us even more behind. Oh well, with the help of the Charleston PD as escorts, we made it to the lake. At the lake there was more talking and then a tiny group sang a song and then the birds were released. I was sort of disappointed about the bird release because we didn't get any warning that they were about to do it. One of the women singing just pointed to some kids and the kids released them. I wanted to have my camera ready so I could take pics, but I pretty much missed the opportunity. I think everyone did. I tried to get a couple, we'll see how they look when I upload them.

That was pretty much it. I spoke to a lady afterwards to get a couple questions answered and to find out about somethings that I have been curious about, she was so nice and helpful. So a day that I expected to be amazing, met my expectations.

Oh later on I will post some pics from the walk!


  1. I am glad you have a couple of great friends that you can depend on and showed up to the walk. Once again, I am sorry you had to go through this. *Hugs*

  2. I am always encouraged to hear of friends and family supporting babylost moms and dads. That is so important!!! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to do a walk. I would've loved to do one!!