Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 15th, 2009

Sometimes I forget what I have already said in my blog. I don't go over it very often. I just sit here and type away, so if things get repeated or some things are very random and not making sense, sorry! Tomorrow is October 15th. To most that is just another day in October. To us, however, it is a day with meaning. It is a day dedicated to our son whom was taken away from us waaaaay to soon. We will, of course, celebrate his birthday amongst our family, but october 15th is a day that is nationally dedicated to him.. and all the other babies that were obviously much, much to beautiful to be on this earth for long. October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. The 15th is the specific day for it. All month long, all around the country, there have been different walks set up for the babies. I hope that all my friends and family have participate or will participate in an upcoming walk this month. I don't know how all the other "walks" are being set up, but I know the one here in Charleston will be great. After the walk, I believe it's a short walk, there is a small ceremony where they release birds over the lake.. and just remember. I am SO excited to be going. I can't wait to remember Jayce with some friends and some complete strangers.

For the friends that are attending this with us, it means alot. Even if I don't know how to show you that, it really does. And we love you for coming!

So tomorrow, thursday october 15 at 7pm don't forget to light your candles. I know it seems like something so small, something so simple. But it really is a big deal for us. Just knowing that you support us and what we have been through, means the world.


  1. I just found my way here and I wanted to say what a beautiful face that is to open your blog with. Simply beautiful. <3

  2. I plan on lighting my candle!!